5 Hardcore NFL Training Regimens to Follow

It's normal to see the practice fields at an NFL training camp looking like a dumping ground. Helmets, shoulder pads, tape, stationary bikes, lawn chairs, blocking sleds, tents, TV cameras and clipboards are scattered around as if a supply closet exploded. This got me thinking "just what kind of trainings are these athletes punishing their body with?!"

Here are some hardcore training regimens thatNFL Superstars use, including links to their workout videos for your reference.

Earl Thomas. Known as one of the most explosive safeties in the NFL, the former Texas product has gathered 10 interceptions in his first three seasons, as a part of the dreaded Seahawks' defensive backfield.

Thomas developed his play-making skills with a battery of bone-crushing hits over the middle of the field. He spends his off-season working on lateral speed and power to enhance his range from his spot as the ‘Hawks last line of defense'. A widely regarded gym-rat, Thomas is also selling his workout regimen as a part of Go Pro Workouts network.

Antonio Brown. Brown is one of the shiftiest speed receivers in the NFL today. He is one of the big guys responsible for carrying the Steelers offense.

Brown's regimen centers on Pilates workout that makes use of the plyometric-based system that's a hundred times harder than your basic workout. While Brown is not the strongest player in the field, he is certainly more jacked than your average players. Pilates trains muscles for quick-turn movements, including cuts and getting out of breaks. It greatly improves movement control, critical for Brown's quickness and longevity.

Drew Brees. Brees uses a combination of traditional and creative training exercises with trainer Todd Durkin to get his body ready for each season.Breescontinueto be one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the NFL despite turning 36 this year.In fact, he has been one of the strongest quarterbacks in the league since joining the San Diego Charges in 2001.

The MVP's workoutincludes a basic NFL training regimen and workout sessionscomposed of over 100 unique movement variations that take two hours to complete. He focuses on core strength, joint integrity, and overall conditioning.

Steven Jackson. To play as long and hard as Steven Jackson does, you need to do your time in the weight room.

Jackson's body has taken plenty of beating over the years, but he still continues to finish a season with strong rushing totals. Jackson's routine is filled with high volume reps of strength lifting exercises. His first few minutes of documented workout with STACK highlights Jackson's dedication to shape-up with extreme squats.

Patrick Willis. The multiple All-Pro award winner is a proud self-made professional, hailing from a small town in Tennessee. His "homegrown" workout routine was formed because he didn't have access to real gyms and equipment growing up.

Willis' simple and intense workout involve multiple reps of heavy weights and a couple hours of intense cardio exercises. His physique speaks for itself and his ferocious workout even landed him a commercial with MasterCard.

Of course, you have to find your own workout rhythm and use these superstar's regimen only as inspiration. To get the most out of your workout, you need a good training coach, proper diet and effective supplements such as the creatine supplements available through online stores like Supps R Us. This combination will ensure that you're getting the most out of your exercise and that you're training for an achievable goal. Best of luck!

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