Backpack, helmet and a comfortable bike: cycling holidays we're coming!

Have you ever wondered about having a travel by bike? Well, if you're a sports and cycling lover maybe you dream to spend a summer holiday riding your bike around the world.

In our everyday life we often have to reach our job place by car, hurrying up and taking several looks at the clock to check our late getting bigger because of the traffic. And when we finally have some time just for us during summertime we can't lose the occasion to relax ourselves. And if you're cyclist there are a lot of possibilities for you to make your passion be part of your holiday.

Indeed, there are so many wonderful bike itineraries all around the world. If this possibility has already enchanted your five senses, here we are going to give you an European idea for your cycling holidays.

Guess what!

We're talking about one of the most bike friendly countries of all Europe, that is Holland – a place where people are used to have two bicycles, one for the everyday city life and the other for holidays. Holland has a very big network of cycle routes that covers great part of its territory, linking the main cities and the countryside where you can ride through amazing green landscapes, seeing little port towns and mills, an expanse of mills.

One of the most beautiful itineraries you can choose is the LF9 Sea Level Route (NAP-route), which stretches itself along an imaginary coastline in the south of Holland – indeed, a big part of this country lies under the sea level.

The LF9 is a 880 km route where you can see a lot of forests, rivers and dykes passing by Utrecht and Groningen. It's a real full immersion in nature, a deep breath in the open air, a true stimulation of senses while riding your bicycle.

Before going on a cycling tour make sure you have all the necessary equipment. First of all, don't use a completion bike such as mtbs or racing bicycles: your holiday is not a competition, so your bike has to be comfortable and solid wheeled, with a light structure. It's not a question of performance, but of pleasure of the ride.

Go and get a valid lock, a คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรีcycling helmet, a repair kit in case of problems like flat tyre. Don't forget to keep a k-way in your well equipped backpack!

Then you'll just have to plan your holiday and find the bike-friendly accommodations where to spend the nights of your cycling adventure (as you can guess, it's easy to find bike-friendly accommodations in Holland).

So…are you ready for the tour?

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