Cotto to Get $30 Million+, Canelo $10 Million+ For Mega-Fight

Miguel Cotto
WBC Middleweight Champ Cotto with a record of 40 wins and four losses and 33 knockouts on his name is set to return to the ring once again. 34-year-old Miguel Cotto will be facing off against 25-year-old Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

Canelo Alvarez has 45 wins, one draw and one loss and 32 knockouts to his name. Canelo is also a former IBF/WBC Junior Middleweight Champ. Since the announcement of their intended match, free betting in the boxing scene has hit the roof given that the two boxers are set to make insane figures!

Their match has been fixed for November 21st on HBO pay-per-view package. Punters trolling free bets websites are set to attend the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino to watch the match live and by the ringside.

Thirty-four-year-old Cotto, who self-promotes himself, is set to make $30 million. On the other hand, his opponent "Canelo" will rake in more than $10 million for the fight. The $10 million-plus figure will be Canelo’s big payday in his boxing career.

Punters jumped on boxing discussion boards claiming that these are enormous sums of money for boxers that are not considered as the no. 1 fighters in the weight "160lb" division. Canelo Alvarez for starters is perceived as the No. 2 fighter in the 154lb division trailing King Mayweather Jr.

Cotto, on the other hand, is conserved as the no. 2 fighter in the 160lb division. Cotto trails Gennady Golovkin the IBO/WBA middleweight champion. So if he wins there will be much anticipation about who he should fight next.

Fans/Punters/Analysts Match Expectations

Expectations are high that the present World Boxing Council monarch "Cotto" will rake in a sum greater than $30 million dollars for the November 21st match. Cotto is presently in agreement of three fights with Roc Nation Sports.

As a self-promoter, Cotto is expected to keep a huge chunk of the money he will make as he negotiates.

Ring Magazine places Cotto as their Ring Champion, as an organization, Ring magazine is yet to match the massive wave of fans that consider Golovkin as the better fighter superior to Cotto.

The Las Vegas, Nevada staging of the fight between Cotto and Canelo is the best gameplay to help fans pick a new no. 1!

Punters on free betting discussion boards claim that the amount of money that Cotto will be making as he fights Canelo is similar to the money Floyd makes from his contract. The only thing remaining is to see if Cotto vs. Canelo match will rake in one million pay-per-view buys.

If the match brings the one million or plus viewers, then the two fighters stand to rake in more money than the initially expected amounts.

The What Ifs

Free bets discussion boards are full of punters discussing the likely occurrences of the match. Most punters suggest that in a scenario where 34-year-old Cotto beats 25-year-old Canelo, he will probably battle Golovkin and profit from another huge pay day.

However, many fans are favoring Canelo as the most formidable winner of the two. A majority of fans believe that Cotto is likely to offer Golovkin step aside fee and allow him to fight with Canelo again.

If that is not the case, fans are voicing that perhaps Cotto will vacate the WBC 160lb title altogether when he gets hard pressed to face Golovkin.

Many fans also predict that Golovkin will not have the pleasure of fighting the victor of the Cotto/Canelo match as the two are likely to meet again in a rematch.

We are all waiting with baited breath for the November 21st game between Cotto and Canelo to know of the two who is a better boxer and where their career is headed!

This article is courtesy of author Tony Samboras. As a big fan of the sweet science Tony is always looking for the latest news and rumours surrounding the key players in this sport. He also gets to write about these epic matchups for a คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรีfree online sports betting publication.

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