Interview with Matt Himelstein, Founder of ApptheGame and Your Mobile Team Stream

By Paul Grossinger

A decade ago, sports fans struggled to get a personalized stream of updates on their internet browsers. Now, in 2012, fans struggle to get that same stream on their mobile device. On the go, are the watchwords for 2012 and ApptheGame founder Matt Himelstein is determined to provide fans with that experience.

We called Matt to discuss his thoughts on providing a personalized stream for fans and the future of mobile sports applications for smartphones. Here are the highlights:

Question: “How did you come up with the idea for ApptheGame?”

Matt: “The genesis of our idea was four years ago, in 2008: I was studying in England at Oxford and had no effective way to keep up with my beloved sports. There was one channel that aired North American sports but it always felt like one-way communication; I was not able to engage with what was happening or with other fans and share my thoughts.”

Question: “How did that idea become ApptheGame?”

Matt: “We realized that fans can usually find the information they want now, even on mobile phones, but there was still no way to engage with it. App the Game is our answer: it lets you choose your favorite teams then receive their related news and updates and a personalized Twitter and Facebook comment stream so you can see what other fans are saying - - and add yourself to the conversation.

We think the last part is very important: people don’t just want to read about what is going on and be fed information. They want to get it, digest and share it, then delve into it with other fans.”

Question: “So how did you approach the app’s design and roll-out?”

We wanted an application that addressed these fans’ needs but was not hard to use. It had to be a seamless experience. So we designed ApptheGame with that in mind; you won’t find a lot of complicated elements; you simply pick your teams and engage with the related content on the streams. It’s that simple.”

Question: “So, now that the app is out, where do you see your company growing in the future?”

We are building a mobile community for sports fans and we know that will have lasting value, now and in the future.”

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