NBA Analysis

I'm going to start off by saying that I believe the Warriors will win the Championship again. I realize that this is not a large leap, but I just wanted to start there. Think you know better? You can always try and get to and maybe even to make money from it. Now, down to the business at hand, is it possible? I believe it is possible. Obviously we don't know the seeds or for sure who will be in, but we have a pretty good idea. I have a couple of teams in the Western Conference, but let's talk about the East first.

NBA Analysis

The top three teams in the East are the only teams I give a chance. Cleveland will always have a chance with Lebron. I think they have the talent, but I don't know if they will gel with Lue as Head Coach. I don't see him as being a leader. If they can play together I think that they have the talent and athletic ability to do it. They can play big or small and they have plenty of scorers. I don't know about their defense. I actually think that if the Raptors played the Warriors then they would have a better chance of beating them. I think that they are more geared to guard the Warriors than the Cavs.

The only other team out of the East is the Miami Heat. I know they're getting old and we don't know about Chris Bosch. Let's assume they are all healthy at the right time and Bosch comes back. I think they can score with the Warriors and maybe even guard them some. They would have to be completely healthy though and we know that it is a rarity for the Heat to be healthy. I think getting Joe Johnson was the piece that could shift the tide in the East though.

In the West the San Antonio Spurs will forever be dangerous. They play solid defense and don't beat themselves. They have bigs that can score and they have guards that defend and can score when called upon. They, like the Heat, need to be healthy. They do have that younger nucleus that's coming together with Leonord and Aldridge. I really believe that if Tony Parker gets rest at the end of the season that they could be dangerous out West.

I want to talk about the Clippers. The Clippers are, on paper, capable of doing it. I see too many personality problems there though. I know they could guard them, with the exception of the fact that nobody guards Curry. They could, however, stop everybody else. They can score and they can do a lot of things well. I just feel like I am watching a train wreck every time they play a 7 game series though. I just don't know about the Clippers chances, when all are also don't know what they are capable to do.

The Thunder are the team that, I believe, has the best chance of pulling it off. They can guard every position. They can play big and they can play small. They have two of the best scorers in the game. I believe they have the one-point guard in the league that can actually keep up with Curry. It's up to motivation and effort for these guys. I think a lot of their problems come from the head. The motivation and effort I'm talking about come from not wanting it sometimes. I think, however, that they've seen it enough this season and that Coach Donovan is a good change and will get it out of them. I know they're playing horrible defense right now, but they are more than athletic enough to play the defense required. Like I said, it's a head thing. It's not a can they, it's will they.

In the end I think that this year is the Warriors' year again. I believe they will meet the Cavs in the finals and bet them. I believe in the Western Conference they will meet the Thunder and win in a 7 game series for the ages. At any rate, it's all speculation at this point, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. If you think the spurs will be new championship, Toronto will do the unbelievable thing or LeBron will bring the title to his home town, you can visit at and maybe win something too.

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