NCAA Tournament Pre-Selection Day Preview

Kory Kinslow

As of right now, according to ESPN Bracketology, the top 4 seeds are Kansas, Villanova, Virginia, and North Carolina. The number 2 seeds would be, Xavier, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Michigan State. These are 8 great teams. The field is wide open this year with a lot still to be decided. I don't think that we can make real clear decisions until the tournament is set. I do think, that Oklahoma has the best team of the two seeds and I believe that Kansas has the best chance out of the one seeds. I also believe that Villanova and Oregon could make some big time runs.

There are several teams that could sneak up, if you want to call it that. I believe that the traditional Duke and Kentucky top teams will eventually have something to say about who wins this tournament. I also believe that a team like Texas A&M with their great experience and talent could make a big move. I think a team that everyone needs to be on the lookout for is Indiana. You don't want to play them with their good guard play and with a very experienced and hungry coach. Watch out for Miami. I truly believe they have a very talented team and will cause some big problems for anyone that they play. I think Miami could make a run to the final four if the games setup right for them. This is the most wide open field we've had in several years, as there is true parity in college basketball this year.

I really don't think that there is any clear cut favorite. The only team I see that "could" make a run dominating every opponent is if North Carolina gets hot and they start playing the way they can. San Diego State and Wichita State are my two off the radar teams that I also think, while they may not making a long run, could come up with a big upset or two in the tournament.

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