Never Been to Spring Training? A Few Reasons to Go Right Now

When spring rolls in and the frost is slowly rising up from the frozen ground, it marks the time for a brand new season for sport lovers across the country: Baseball. Between March and April, some of the most devoted baseball fans travel to the Southwest to check out some of their favorite teams in action, before the "big" games begin. If you’ve never checked out spring training, here are a few reasons to hit the road and catch the baseball fever:

Get Up Close and Personal

Whether you’re planning to watch some of your favorite teams play for the Cactus League in Arizona or the Grapefruit League in Texas, your viewing experience will feel more like a small hometown game than sitting in the nosebleed section of a big corporate stadium. Sure, every baseball fan should experience a live game at one of the legendary stadiums across the U.S., but spring training is a perfect time to get up close, feel like you’re part of the game (and the team) and maybe even rub some elbows with some of your favorite players.

Get Ahead of the Game

By attending spring training, you have some advantages over other fans who wait to watch the televised games or try to grab tickets at the big stadiums. One of the biggest advantages is if you like to bet on sports like baseball, you can check out the teams first and get a good idea of how they might play in the upcoming season before you place your bet. Rather than tracking down a “bookie” to make your bet on the most promising team, read the online casino reviews at and get connected with some of the best sports betting sites. It’s easy and convenient, you can even start placing bets online while you’re in the midst of catching a spring training game.

Warmer Weather

If you live in the Midwest or even on the East Coast, you may need a break from the colder climates and piles of snow that don’t seem to melt away as quickly as you’d like. Whether you travel to Arizona to catch the Angels or Texas for the Pirates (or find time for both), the sun, warmth, and your love of baseball will surely cure whatever is left of your winter blues. Not only will you be surrounded by passionate baseball fans like yourself, you may make a few friends that will last past the too short season of baseball.

The Cost

One major plus of spring training is that you can catch numerous games in one day (since venues are often in close proximity) and the price of a game is just a fraction of the price to a seasonal game ticket. With the low ticket cost of approximately $15, you can easy catch a small handful of games before spending the same amount that you might for a decent seat in a big stadium.
While your biggest cost may be your mode of transportation to spring training (either airfare or by car), the experience is unforgettable and unlike any other game you can catch back home during the summer time.

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