Popular Trophies in Famous School Sports

Popular Trophies in Famous School Sports Sports are an important part of American culture and they have been ingrained in young men and women from a very early age. While some see school sports as a way to perfect the fundamentals of a sport prior to a professional career, there are many who have but one goal, the trophy.

Trophies have become a large part of school sports, and some even advocate for more awards to be given. คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรีTrophy Outlet, a versatile and trusted trophy supplier, is a great source to explore the kinds of modern trophies available to school athletes. But before you design a custom award, it's best to take a cue from a few of the most popular trophies sports can offer.

Golden Spikes Award

Baseball is known as the USA's national pastime and it brings many athletes out in the spring ready to play. While amateur baseball divisions give different awards to players of varying positions, none is more sought after than the Golden Spikes Award. This award is given to the player with exemplary sportsmanship and on field ability, regardless of the position they fill.

The statue combines a classic configuration with a contemporary twist, golden shoes set against a modern glass backing, that allows it stand out among other trophies. This trophy is also voted on by fans, so the winner has far more than just team approval, but support and recognition from all baseball lovers.

Popular Trophies in Famous School Sports Hobey Baker Award

While the NHL is known for having the iconic Stanley Cup Trophy, college hockey players can aim for an award with just as much notoriety, the Hobey Baker Award. With an iconic pose featuring Princeton University all-star Baker, considered the first American ice hockey star by the Hockey Hall of Fame, this trophy is given to an NCAA hockey star player who exhibits strength of character both on and off the ice. It can be awarded to any player on the team and while it doesn't have as much history as other noted school sports trophies, it has become a prestigious award for any hockey player on the college tour.

Popular Trophies in Famous School Sports NCAA Net

While many trophies are typical golden statues, there are other mementos that players earn. For example, after a grueling March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament, players from the winning team can be seen cutting down the net and dividing it up amongst themselves. Since the 1940s this unconventional tradition has gained popularity because it allowed every player to take home a reward. Rather than a single statuette locked in a case, every member of the team has a lasting token of their success.

Popular Trophies in Famous School Sports Heisman Trophy

When speaking of prestigious school sports trophies, there is one that's known by devoted fans and amateur enthusiasts alike: the Heisman Trophy. Since its inception in 1935, this famous trophy has been coveted by college football players who want to imitate the illustrious career of the iconic John Heisman.

Only the best college football players have nabbed this trophy, and many have gone on the become NFL legends. Archie Griffin, Herschel Walker, and Barry Sanders all won the Heisman Trophy during their college years.

Part of what makes this trophy so quintessential, is the pose sculpted on top of the pedestal. The pose and the player are universally recognized, despite sculptor Frank Eliscu claiming it wasn't his best work. Still, the notoriety behind this trophy places it among some of the most famous awards in any school or professional sports division.

When deciding what trophy to award your young players this season, consider these important benchmarks of sports history and allow them to influence the design of your trophy and it's significance.

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