Safer, better, faster, stronger: the advantages of electric karts

If you are passionate about motor sports you will surely like the kart racing, also called karting, a motor sport whose protagonists are small sized four wheeled vehicles racing on indoor and outdoor tracks. Go karts are also made for the entertainment of families and amateurs, so they can be rented for the happiness of adults and kids. These entertainment vehicles can be classified in two main categories: karts powered by internal combustion and karts working thanks to electric power.

In this article we want to talk about the countless advantages of driving an electric kart compared to driving a gas powered kart.

The first advantage can be guessed at once: an electric kart is eco-friendly, because it doesn’t pollute. Indeed, it has no smoke emissions which can be so dangerous for the driver because they’re very carcinogenic. Moreover electric karts don’t need expensive ventilation and purification systems, so there’s no risk to warm up the environment. If you drive an electric kart you can also throw away the fire extinguisher: the fire is not a problem for you!

Another great feature of this kind of vehicles is that they are safer than the other karts, thanks to the fact that their weight is so well distributed that they don’t flip. Gas powered karts are lighter so they can flip more easily, and this is very dangerous for the driver.

Furthermore, electric karts have a good acceleration and can be more performing than the gas ones; in a lot of countries this is the only kind of kart suitable for indoor tracks. Remember that electric karts are probably going to be the only legal karts both for indoor and outdoor racings.

If gas powered karts are very noisy, electric karts are noiseless and can be driven by a non expert pilot because they are designed to allow the driver to steer easily.

Electric karts such as the ones made by OTL, Italian company with a long experience in the field of คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรีelectric karting, have a transmission belt instead of the more noisy transmission chain.

Last but not least: electric karts need just one mechanic while the gas powered ones need two mechanics for their maintenance. This means that they are cheaper, even in terms of insurance in case of rent!

Now you know which are the main advantages of electric karts, so if you are passionate about go karts…stay electric!

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