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"Indoor sports" has gotten a brand new definition in the late 1950s, when history's first video game - Tennis for Two - was released. The game was a huge success, although the screen it was show on was nothing but an oscilloscope. But the idea lived on: sports are being turned into video games ever since. And not just racing games, fighting games, and soccer simulators, but "team managers", and even slot machines. Today I'll take a look at a series of video slot machines that pay tribute to the world of sports in its unique way: the Sports Star series.

It all began with ice hockey

Although it is not an official part of the series, the first game to bear the looks, mechanic, and gameplay of the series was Break Away. Released in 2013 at the All Slots Casino Canada,, it appealed to its players from the first moment - Canada is famous for its love for hockey. And slots, by the way. With its five reels, three rows, 243 ways to win, Break Away was an instant hit at the All Slots Casino, well known for its amazing collection of slot machines. It was obvious from the first moment that it won't be long before a sequel to the game to be released.

Major world events

The sequel - and the first official Sports Series game - was launched next year, in the wake of the FIFA World Cup. It hit the All Slots Casino mere days before the kickoff in Brazil, at the perfect moment, when its players were already burning with a soccer fever. And it was good: Football Star, as the game is called, shot at the top spot of the All Slots Casino games list, and it stayed there for weeks. Even today, Football Star is among the most popular games of the casino, showing how much its players love soccer.

The series was on hiatus for another year, but in 2015 a lot has happened in the world of sports slots. The All Slots Casino released three sequels to Football Star (technically, to Break Away), two of them tied to two major events. Cricket Star was released in February, and Rugby Star in September. Both of them were linked to their respective World Cups.

Basketball Star... just because

The year ended with the All Slots Casino launching the (so far) final game in the series, Basketball Star. This one wasn't linked to any major event, but it was a welcome addition to the casino's game library. Hopefully, this year we'll see further sports-inspired games to be released, as there are several other sports left to cover: baseball and football would be the obvious choices.

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