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NASCAR is a sport of racing cars that go extremely fast. The cars are built for the sole purpose of racing. They are not built for the road. They make it so that the racers will hopefully be very safe while they are strapped in to the car so that nothing happens. A few years back a legend in NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Sr. died in a crash that shouldn't have been anything, but they didn't have one of the new safety harnesses on that they use now. They have to have these on to protect from certain injuries. They also guard from fire by wearing very heavy duty flame retardant suites. They block the fire from engulfing the driver. The driver's safety is number one. Popularity for the sporty goes up and down during the years. There was a year a few years back they didn't know if they were going to have a very big television contract anymore because no one wanted to see it any more. Well, once again people do.

NASCAR has an interesting way of doing their season. Each race has a points system. You get so many points depending on what place you finish in. The team finishing in first is always getting the most. There are drivers like Jimmy Johnson, Stewart, Gordon, and others that simply dominate this sport. There are a few woman drivers who compete from time to time the most notable is Danica Patrick. We hear about her a lot, but she hasn't done much. She hasn't done what people were screaming about when she came in and to me she has fallen flat. It's nice she can be on magazine covers, but to me she's sort of plain looking.

The main point I want to make about NASCAR is it is extremely exciting to watch! I love watching the races regardless of who wins. I don't care who wins most of the time. I used to like Dale Jr. until I figured out that he never wins, so from that point on I just sort of shifted to whoever seemed like they might fight with somebody after the race. I want to see some excitement. A lot of times these guys will get into it with each other after a race. They start talking trash or get mad about someone not letting them out of a pit stop or something and they get all worked up and go off. It's so fun. Southern guys are mostly what you see and they're hot heads. I'm a southern guy and I'm a hot head so that's my life and I like to see it played out bigger than what I would do on television. It makes me feel better that there are people out there that are way more ridiculous than I am when it comes to having a horrible temper and saying dumb stuff. I don't punch though, they do. That makes it even cooler. Oh ya, the car driving and all that stuff is fun too.

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