Who Should be the 2012 NBA MVP?

By Steven Kelsey

The MVP race is messed up. It is the most valuable player to his specific team in the league. Lebron James and Kevin Durant are the top candidates. Why?! Yes they have great numbers but they are both playing with superstars not all stars, superstars.

Let's start off with Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is averaging 28.1 PPG 7.9 RPG and 3.3 APG. The stats put him in the top candidates but now let's look at his superstar teammate Russell Westbrook's statistics. 23.7 PPG 4.9 RPG 5.5 APG. Russell is a top 10 scorer in the league. Serge Ibaka does not bring much offense to the table, but is a premier shot blocker with 3.2 BPG.

Team Record (30-8)

Now Lebron James, Lebron has even better statistics than Kevin Durant. 27.6 PPG 8.4 RPG 6.8 APG. Very good and once again his statistics make him a top candidate but he has a super star (Dwayne Wade) and an all star (Chris Bosh). Dwayne Wade's stats, 22.5 PPG 4.8 APG 4.2 RPG. Chris bosh's stats, 18.5 PPG 8.1 RPG. Lebron has more help on his team than any of the MVP candidates. Dwayne wade is arguably the best SG in the game, but I have Kobe as #1, Wade #2. If lebron went down for a season the Miami Heat would not be the same team but they would be a high quality playoff team with the other two stars on the team.

Team Record (29-9)

Now I'll begin to show you the true MVP candidates. The ones who have less talent around them and still get it done,I'll start with Dwight Howard.

Dwight's stats, 20.7 PPG 15 RPG 2.2 BPG. Those are great numbers too, which should put Howard in the top candidates. Let's look at his supporting cast and notice way less talent. Ryan Anderson has been the second best player for the Orlando Magic all year so I'll show his stats. 16.3 PPG 7.6 RPG 1 APG. Dwight does not get near the help Lebron and Kevin Durant get. Ryan Anderson is also a poor defender, so the second best player is an offensive only player.

Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant
Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant in Atlanta Hawks 97-90 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Team Record (25-15)

The other true MVP is Derrick Rose. Now Rose has been injured a lot this year and has affected his statistics some this year, but where would the Chicago Bulls be without him? 22.4 PPG 7.7 APG 3.3 RPG. These are good statistics, not as impressive as the others but Rose has a very inconsistent supporting cast. Luol Deng is the second best player for the Chicago bulls. Luol Deng's stats, 15.8 PPG 6.9 RPG 3.2 APG. Luol is scoring even less than Ryan Anderson. The Chicago Bulls have also had injury issues all year long. Richard Hamilton has only played 16 games this season. Luol Deng has torn ligaments in his left wrist. CJ Watson has had several different injuries. The Chicago Bulls had to sign a D-league PG in Mike James due to all the injuries.

Team Record (32-8) best in league.

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